SAM DAVIS CAMP #596



Camp #596 was organized in 1906 in Gulfport, Mississippi.  It had become inactive until the evening of November 30, 1992.  On this date a historical meeting took place on the grounds of Beauvoir.  Eight Sons of the South gathered together to discuss plans for the purpose of starting a new SCV camp.  It was at that time that these gentlemen decided to reinstate the old Gulfport Sam Davis Camp #596. 

The camp was named after the young hero of the Confederacy, Samuel Davis, a member of the Coleman Scouts who was sentenced to death as a Confederate spy.  A new charter was issued and the first meeting was held on January 26, 1993 at the Jefferson Davis Memorial Library at Beauvoir.  The charter was signed by 46 charter members at a banquet in Biloxi on June 29, 1993.

Until Hurricane Katrina, the Sam Davis Camp had the honor of meeting regularly at Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Home, a hallowed ground of the Confederacy which is owned and operated by the Mississippi Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans.  With the opening of the new Jefferson Presidential Library and Museum in April 2013, we are again meeting at Beauvoir.

Our camp is the envy of many, many SCV camps who would like to be able to gather at such a historic place.  With this honor, the Sam Davis camp feels an obligation to be at the forefront of developing and implementing fundraising activities for the benefit of Beauvoir.   We encourage other camps in the Mississippi Division to be diligent in their support of Beauvoir through their respective fundraisers as well.